Wednesday season 2: the series once again invites an actor from the film

“A hell of a cast”, this is how Netflix presents the cast of Wednesday season 2. The platform is taking advantage of the start of filming to provide news of the project and lift the veil on certain details of the plot and especially the production. Jenna Ortega and her original cohorts pose for the Nevermore Academy back-to-school photo under the watchful eye of director Tim Burton and alongside the creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. The majority of actors and actresses invited for the first round of episodes are back, starting with Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan and Joy Sunday who respectively play Enid Sinclair, Tyler Galpin and Bianca Barclay. This time, the teenager played by Jenna Ortega should not only be around her classmates and finds her family more often. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Isaac Ordonez and Luis Guzman should have more screen time as their respective characters.

But photography also features new additions, starting with Steve Buscemi whose recruitment is official as is the name of his character: Barry Dort. Since announcing its involvement in the project, Netflix has kept the score entrusted to it a mystery. It is the same for Thandiwe Newton (Westworld) which doesn't even appear in the first photo. Her name is still credited in the short video sequence published this Tuesday, May 7, she will portray a certain Dr. Fairburn.

But when the thing distributes the scenarios before the start of hostilities, a few are missing. This is the case of Percy Hynes-White who has been targeted by accusations of sexual assault on social media, but who has denied the allegations. Netflix did not explain the reasons for its absence to the distribution of this sequel, even though his character should logically have been at the epicenter of the scenario (even if Wednesday should be less interested in his love affairs in season 2).

Uncle Fetid… but not really!

In its first season, Wednesday invited one of the most emblematic interpreters of the character born on paper. To face Jenna Ortega, Tim Burton had poached Christina Ricci in the shoes of a professor from Nevermore Academy. This second season will also feature one of the actors from Barry Sonnenfeld's version. Christopher Lloyd will come to lend a hand to this whole new generation on Netflix. Here again, Netflix cultivates mystery as to the role entrusted to it. We already know that he should not play Uncle Fetid, the role having already been entrusted to Fred Armisen. Like Christina Ricci, Lloyd could be offered a new character, as a nod to the two-part saga that will have marked children of the 90s.

Besides, we will have to wait several more months before discovering what is in store Wednesday with the second season of his adventures. If the start of filming is good news, it is difficult to know when the broadcast will take place. We can hope that things are progressing rather well behind the scenes, to allow beginning of 2025. Netflix has every interest not to delay too much, it is still the second most viewed series in its history.

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