Things are moving forward for the Harry Potter series which finds its screenwriter and director

23 years after Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Warner Bros is far from finished with the little wizard with glasses. Despite the resounding failure of Fantastic Beasts, the studio continues to rely on the reputation of JK Rowling's works to generate revenue. It must be said that the film franchise amounts to more than nine billion dollars, a financial windfall that the company could not do without. Rather than exploring new temporalities and telling new characters, it is through a new adaptation of the seven novels which constitute the main saga that the brand intends to return to the forefront. The project was announced in April 2023 and promised a new… more comprehensive approach. Each book will be the subject of a season, enough to tell the passages that the cinematographic saga has – voluntarily or not – passed over in silence.

More than a year after this formalization, the project had nevertheless remained rather discreet. If Warner Bros had then announced the start of the casting phasesthe identity of the new actors playing Harry, Ron and Hermione remains a mystery. The series did not have a creative team. This is now a done deal. In a press release, Max announced the recruitment of screenwriter and director of this series production. This announcement comes a few hours after that of a change of direction for the series, it is now evolving under the HBO banner and will benefit from a television broadcast in the United States.

She's from home

It is Francesca Gardiner who will have the heavy responsibility of adapting the best-seller of the 2000s. Her name has already been mentioned in the past, she was part of the list of authors considered by Max last February. She had, according to Deadline, was invited to pitch her ideas. These have obviously convinced HBO and Max. The two entities undoubtedly do not take this rereading lightly, she obviously knew how to find the arguments. The American platform does not go into details, simply recalling its track record. The screenwriter worked on the fourth and final season of Succession, so she knows the house. Especially since she got down to writing a few episodes of the series His Dark Materials.

An HBO regular directing

As good news never comes alone, Max also lifts the veil on one of the filmmakers who will be behind the camera. It is Mark Mylod who will be keen to immortalize Hogwarts and its residents for a few episodes. The director is also a regular since he has signed several chapters of Succession, Game Of Thrones And The Last of Us. Like Francesca Gardiner, he will executive produce in association with Brontë Films and Warner Bros. Television. The first firm is close to the author JK Rowling, Max's press release also confirms his involvement in the creative process. Her participation is not really a surprise, she wants to keep her world at a safe distance and had signed the scripts for the three films dedicated to Norbert Scamander. David Heyman, producer of the films, is also back. The appointment is made for the year 2026 at the earliest.

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