Stranger Things: Creators Share Very Good News for Season 5

Ross and Matt Duffer prepare a season of all superlatives. Denser, more ambitious and above all more anticipated than the previous ones, the fifth batch of episodes of Stranger Things promises to be talked about. The series is one of the most popular in the Netflix catalog. Eight years have passed since the broadcast of its first episodes and a solid community has been built around the adventures of Eleven, Mike and their friends.

While Netflix hoped not to make viewers wait too long between the last two seasons, The strike by actors and screenwriters ultimately delayed the process. Hostilities have nevertheless been underway for several months and everyone is busy behind the scenes. Actors, directors and comedians are working hard to offer a conclusion to this monster of the small screen. Netflix has promised a release in 2025 and it seems that the schedule is pretty much on track. At least that's what Ross Duffer announced on Instagram, via a photo of the entire team.

It's been 24 weeks since the kickoff of this final season, but all is not won. As the creators have repeated, Stranger Things is one of those series that requires time. A year of filming is necessary to capture the events that will lead to the conclusion of this exploration of the Upside Down. Stranger Things season 5 is halfway through, something to be happy about while waiting for the first images. On Instagram, the screenwriter and creator is currently content to share behind-the-scenes shots of this major entertainment. As a reminder, Maya Hawke recently indicated that season 5 would resemble a collection of eight films, “the episodes are very long”!

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Unexpected returns?

Very little is known about this final season, other than that it will begin exactly where the previous one ended. Max is in a coma and Vecna ​​seems to have found a way to open a portal between the two worlds. Hawkins is now crossed by a huge chasm which overlooks the Upside Down. More than ever, our heroes and their loved ones are in danger and nothing seems to be able to stop Number 1. They will probably need reinforcements. If no new actors have been announced for the cast of this new season, Ross Duffer seems to want to keep the identities of some of the subjects of his photo secret. Several people are blurred in the imageprovidential returns in sight?

A few days ago, Joseph Quinn left doubts hanging over a resurrection of his character. Eddie Munson was particularly appreciated by the spectators, his sudden death did not fail to shock. The actor says he is ready to continue if the opportunity arises. “There is a good chance” according to him. After all, it wouldn't be the first time that such a narrative device has been used. We remember the disappearance of Jim Hopper which was not really one. Response in 2025 and probably a little before. Netflix will be sure to promote this conclusion as it should. In the meantime, viewers can console themselves with the prospect of learning more about Henry Creel thanks to the play currently playing in London.

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