Skeleton Crew: the Star Wars series gets a Hollywood legend

Star Wars is still far from having said its last word. Five years after the conclusion of the Skywalker saga in cinemas, Lucasfilm continues the journey on Disney+. Since the platform's launch in 2019, the franchise has focused on exploring the far reaches of the galaxy alongside new and returning characters. From The Mandalorianthe brand has not been idle delivering around ten live-action and animated series.

The pace will not weaken in 2024 since three series are on the program for the coming months. From the month of June, it is with the High Republic and The Acolyte that the subscribers Disney+ have an appointment. If this is currently the only project whose date has been made official, another series is promised to be launched during this year. Skeleton Crew is among the most important projects for Lucasfilm, its distribution leaves little room for doubt.

To take the stage, Disney+ has offered itself the services of the illustrious Jude Law, who thus adds a new string to his bow. After Harry Potter and Marvel, the Briton evolves in the saga Star Wars for the first time. The project, although very mysterious, was talked about again this weekend. For May the 4th, Collider spoke with one of the directors of Skeleton Crew. Jon Watts — at work on the latest trilogy Spiderman — spoke about the details of his new collaboration with Mickey. There is reason to rejoice since the company has recruited a cinema legend to bring this story to life.

Phil Tippett returns to the forefront

Rather than relying primarily on digital effects, Skeleton Crew promises to be a marriage of classic and innovative animation techniques. According to Jon Watts, special effects and stop-motion legend Phil Tippett was brought on board for this project.

The artist, who worked in particular on Jurassic Parkis no stranger to licensing Star Wars. It is to him that The Empire Strikes Back owes its most revolutionary scene: the AT-AT march. He was for a long time at the head of the ILM company, founded by George Lucas to develop the visual and special effects of his trilogy. Star Wars. Fans have reason to rejoice at the news of his return. We can expect that Skeleton Crew creates a rich and dense universe, a visual feat which could well be the main argument in favor of this series.

What is Skeleton Crew about?

Announced several years ago, Skeleton Crew will evolve around a group of children who find themselves, despite themselves, embarked on an adventure to the four corners of the galaxy. After discovering a mysterious secret on their planet, these young protagonists will try to return home by any means possible. The series should focus on Stranger Things and rely on a retro aesthetic and endearing characters to be successful.

Jon Watts also specifies that it will not be necessary to know the mythology Star Wars at your fingertips to enjoy this series. If the brand's previous forays onto the small screen were closely linked to the cinematic saga, Lucasfilm seems to have learned from its mistakes by playing the novelty card to attract new fans.

Who will be in the casting?

Alongside Jude Law, very young actors were recruited. The actor will face Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Kyriana Kratter and Robert Timothy Smith. Young shoots who should have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent at the end of the year. Jon Watts mentioned a launch date next December, six months later The Acolyte.

Note that the production will be handled by Jon Favreau, creator and director of The Mandalorian. Jon Watts is one of the many directors involved in the project, who also offers the services of the directors of the phenomenon Everything Everywhere All At Once. Jake Schreier (WandaVision) and Bryce Dallas Howard (The Mandorian) will also go behind the camera.

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