Death of Chance Perdomo: will he be replaced in Gen V season 2?

A few weeks ago, series fans learned of the death of Chance Perdomo at the age of 27. A motorcycle accident got the better of the young man who had a promising destiny in Hollywood. Starring in the series Gen V on Prime Video, the disappearance of Chance Perdomo will have finally reshuffled all the cards regarding the future of his character in the spin-off of The Boys. As a reminder, it was quickly renewed for a season 2, and there were no plans to part ways with the actor.

After weeks of silence, Amazon finally speaks out to tell us thatthere will be no second casting for the role. The character of Andre Anderson will not be replaced and a tribute is even planned to respect the death of the actor. The firm explains:

As we continue to deal with the tragic loss of Chance Perdomo, everyone at Gen V is working to figure out how best to honor his memory. We're not going to do the role again, because no one can replace Chance.

What future for his character?

headband spoilers

Amazon does not give us more details on how the operations took place. However, the logistics can legitimately be questioned. We remember the last episode of the series which plunges us into the start of a civil war mixing Super and humans. Homelander shows up along the way and pretends to kill Marie. This ending could have been optimal to start any arc for each of the protagonists, and thus rebound on the potential death of one of the characters, although this tragic event could never have been predicted.

Unfortunately, season 1 ends with a scene after these events, in which we can clearly see the character of Andre. Marie Moreau finally finds herself unconscious, in a closed room, with all her other acolytes. How do I start from there? The most likely solution is that the showrunners will not pick up from this sequence, which was perhaps initially planned.

We don't yet know how, but the series will have to introduce the departure (literally or figuratively) of the character. In any case, we hope that Amazon will not give in to the sirens of the digital double. A priori nothing similar is on the agenda if we are to believe the company's words:

Instead of [le remplacer], We've taken the time and space to recreate the storylines of Season 2, as we begin production in May. We will honor Chance and his legacy in this season.

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