Blade Runner 2099: the future Amazon Prime Video series has found its star and we can't wait!

To be honest, we had completely forgotten thatAmazon Prime Video was working on a port of the universe of Blade Runner to enrich its serial catalog. Announced in 2022, however, the project had not really been updated since to the point where many might even have thought it dead and buried. Pure coincidence or not, he is back to be talked about while the adaptation of fallout a hit on the streaming platform. As if it was first necessary to prove to the firm's leaders that science fiction retained enormous attractive potential, especially when it is inspired by a popular license.

Because we no longer present Blade Runner, Ridley Scott's masterpiece released in 1982, loosely inspired by the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick. A film which will give birth to a somewhat unexpected sequel, Blade Runner 2049, by Denis Villeneuve, released in 2017 still starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. The Prime Video series will be called Blade Runner 2099 and will situate its story, logically, fifty years after the second film.

And Variety managed to get their hands on the name that will carry the series. No Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling – although, we feel that the plot will find a way to slip in several obligatory references –, but an actress who has proven herself in Hollywood and whose talent is well established: Michelle Yeoh.

Blade Runner 2099 dreams of electric sheep.

The announcement of the actress' presence is accompanied by some elements concerning her character. We know that she will play Olwen, a replicant who is nearing the end of her life. We will not have more information, but this suggests that the series could be particularly interested in the fear of death among replicants, more than in humans. And if Blade Runner 2049 still questioning the nature of Deckard, the show would take more inspiration from Rutger Hauer's memorable scene when he died in the rain in the first film.

Blade Runner 2099: the future Amazon Prime Video series has found its star and we can't wait!

A scenario that would have the approval of Ridley Scott himself who has been working on the project since 2021 before signing a deal with Amazon the following year so that Blade Runner 2099 see the day. He will also be the executive producer. The piloting of the series was entrusted to Silka Luisa who participated in the serial adaptation of Halo on Paramount+.

The arrival of Michelle Yeoh will bring Blade Runner 2099 additional credit since we know the actress is comfortable in all registers. She recently participated in the series Star Trek: Discoverythe Marvel movie Shang-Chi and she won the Best Actress Oscar last year for Everything Everywhere All at Once. No broadcast slot on Prime Video has yet been announced.

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