Windows 12 due in 2024, but update could be delayed

Anticipation is building around Windows 12, scheduled for 2024. However, doubts remain about its timely release. Let's dive into what's shaping this next major step from Microsoft.

Microsoft is about to revolutionize its operating system with an update planned for mid-2024. According to Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, this update will mark a turning point, in particular thanks to the integration of the Snapdragon X Elite chip. This development is part of Microsoft's vision to make 2024 “the year of AI PCs”.

However, the big question remains: will we see the birth of Windows 12 or a major update to Windows 11, called Windows 11 24H2?

Which Windows awaits us, 12 or 11 24H2?

The mystery surrounding the naming of this new version – Windows 12 or 11 24H2 – adds a layer of uncertainty. Although current clues suggest a Windows 11 update, the possibility of Windows 12 in 2025 remains open.

What is certain is that this version will not be a simple update. Under the code name “Germanium”, this redesign aims to significantly improve performance. It also lays the foundations for future artificial intelligence PCs by strengthening Security.

New Germanium era: gradual transition, optimized security

The transition to the new Windows, powered by Germanium, will not happen overnight. Initially, it will be reserved for new laptops, with a possible introduction as early as July.

Current Windows 11 users will need to wait until September to see the upgrade. However, this update represents a profound evolution of the system.

This transformation promises to optimize performances And to improve security. Thus, it redefines the Windows experience for all users.

Although the release of Windows 12 in 2024 is surrounded by excitement, potential delays and questions about its final form – a new version or update of Windows 11 – add a dimension of uncertainty. What is undeniable is that this development, whether labeled Windows 12 or not, marks a significant milestone in the history of Windows.

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