Freebox Ultra: How to take advantage of the free migration?

You can migrate to the new Freebox Ultra without paying any fees. But to do this, you will have to meet this criterion, and you have little chance of meeting it.

Both new subscribers and long-time customers must pay for migration to the Freebox Ultra. Free charges 49 euros for the transition to its new Internet box. However, not all subscribers are in the same boat. Indeed, in certain specific circumstances, the operator can waive migration fees.

On January 30, it was the big presentation of the Freebox Ultra. Free has thought big for its new Internet box in the hope of attracting new customers.

You should know that the Freebox Ultra is the first box on the market compatible with Wi-Fi 7. The operator promises exceptional connection performance with the adoption of this new standard. Among those, ascending and descending flow rates can peak at 8 Gbpsnotably up to 6 Gbps wireless.

Very rich entertainment offer with the Freebox Ultra

To maximize the use of these high connection speeds, a complete entertainment offering accompanies the new box. Besides the 280 TV channels, Free offers several choices of streaming platforms. These obviously include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Universal+.

On the other hand, subscribers will also have the possibility of watching Canal+ live. A novelty that they will surely like a lot. This attractive offer will be available at 49.99 euros monthly for the first year. Tight budget ? There is also the offer Essential which cost 10 euros less And without most streaming platforms.

Three months of patience at most

Remember that the Freebox Ultra has been officially available since the end of January. However, deliveries for the first customers have only recently started. Free has already announced delays which could go up to three months. Those in a hurry may have to be patient.

On the other hand, if this new box interests you, you will necessarily have to pay money. In fact, the operator imposes a migration fee of 49 euros. Unfortunately, no one is exempt. New customers cannot expect a promotional offer without migration fees. But it's a different matter for some long-time customers.

No migration fees for these veterans

Yes, Free makes exceptions for the cost of migrating to the Freebox Ultra. Indeed, certain profiles may be exempt from payment for the transition. This particularly concerns subscribers to the oldest ADSL offers, such as Freebox Crystal and the Freebox One. Please note, there is also the eligibility criterion for optical fiber.

If you are still taking advantage of a Freebox Crystal or Freebox One offer, and you are now eligible for optical fiber, you can upgrade to Freebox Ultra without paying for the transition. To do this, simply go to your Subscriber space. You then have to select Exchange my Freeboxthen Freebox Ultra.

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