The Walking Dead: season 2 of Daryl Dixon has a release date in France

This is officially the last event The Walking Dead. Since the parent series bowed out, the universe continues to expand through spin-off series. Besides Fear the Walking Dead Or World Beyond, three series were to tell the story of several members of the original team, from Maggie to Rick to Daryl. Under the leadership of Scott M. Gimple, these spin-offs intended to offer a conclusion to the journey of these legendary heroes. If Dead City And The Ones Who Live have not been renewed, Daryl Dixon is taking advantage of preferential treatment and is preparing to take over our screens with its season 2.

A few weeks ago, AMC announced that the appointment had been made for the next school year in the United States. France nevertheless remained waiting, Paramount+ not having priority over zombie series. Through a press release, the platform now formalizes the return of the character played by Norman Reedus. It is on September 30 that the second season will begin in our green lands.

This second burst of episodes, called The Book of Carol, promises to lift the veil on the circumstances of Daryl's arrival in France. The plot will pick up where it left off, when the lone wolf found refuge in Mont-Saint-Michel alongside a religious community. As he prepared to abandon Laurent and Isabelle to find his family, Daryl finally postponed his departure to protect the young boy. The final scene was reserved for another iconic character from the AMC series: Carol.

Carol is back!

If Melissa McBride wants to take a little break after more than a decade playing Carol on the series, the actress finally got homesick. The interpreter of this central character has packed his bags for France, to lend a hand to Daryl and offer him a chance to return to his native America. She seems to have followed her friend's trail to our green lands. The first images showed her alone, leading the investigation and doing everything possible to find her accomplice.

The acting duo has been seen several times on the filming locations in Île-de-France, proof if any were needed that a meeting is on the agenda. We will probably have to wait a little longer to obtain new images. Fans of The Walking Dead nevertheless have reason to rejoice at the announcement of Paramount+, they will not have to wait as long as for the previous season. If several weeks separated the American and French broadcasts of season 1 and The Ones Who Live, Daryl Dixon: The Book of Carol will benefit from a hexagonal exit a few hours after the launch in Uncle Sam's country.

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