The Fantastic Four will break the codes of the Marvel universe

The MCU is trying everything for everything. After drowning in an ocean of insipid productions designed to fill the Disney+ catalog as quickly as possible, Marvel Studios is trying to regain its letters of nobility. If heroic productions are still far from regaining their popularity at the time Infinity War And Endgame, future projects try as best they can to offer themselves a new image. Next month, Deadpool & Wolverine promises to ridicule past errors to better accept failures and turn the page once and for all.

The introduction of the trashiest hero in the MCU is sure to mark the start of a new era, but another key feature film is monopolizing the attention of early fans. Fantastic Four will be the next heroes resulting from the acquisition of Fox that Disney intends to propel into its cinematographic universe. With its five-star cast and a promotional image with worked artistic direction, the project stood out from the Marvel announcements of recent years.

Today, new statements from Kevin Feige in the studio's official podcast have reinforced the hype once again. The clues left by the first image were not trivial: Fantastic Four will be a deliberately retro superhero film.

An atypical and mysterious setting for a new beginning?

Vibranium armor and fighting on alien ships: it's over. Marvel will no longer overuse these motifs every time. Presumably inspired by the success of WandaVision and its aesthetic in total opposition to the traditional MCU, The Fantastic Four will be “a period film declared the president of the studio at the microphone of Official Marvel Podcast. But the surprises do not stop there. Feige adds that this new story will take place in the 60s of a still unknown universe:

There was another image we posted where Johnny Storm is forming the number 4 in the sky. It showed a cityscape and many people noticed that the view was not exactly that of the New York we know or the New York of the 60s in our world. All I can say is that these are intelligent observations…

We also learn that filming on the film will begin this summer, the day after San Diego Comic Con: “Filming on Fantastic Four will begin immediately after. I'm really looking forward to it because these characters are made to last, they are legendary pillars of the Marvel universe that have never been explored (…) as we are going to do with this film” explains Feige in a final effort to convince the spectators.

Will this film mark the introduction of a new Earth essential to the future of the MCU, or will the heroes find themselves propelled into the universe that we know for future Avengers films? For now, the appointment is set for July 23, 2025, but keeping a schedule has never been Marvel Studios' strong point. To be continued.

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