The Boys summary: 5 things to remember before season 4

After two years and a high-profile spin-off, the Butcher gang is back on Prime Video. Superheroes may no longer be popular at Marvel and DC, but their neurotic alter egos are a real hit for the streaming service.

For its fourth burst of episodes, the trashiest series of its generation promised us to hit again very hard. Still, two years of waiting is a long time. Add to that a gap year at Godolkin University, and the timeline surrounding the Seven can quickly become chaotic. We take stock of what to remember before launching the new season.

Victoria Neuman plays against her camp, but above all for her personal interests

In The Boys, it is selfishness that prevails. Most characters are driven by their personal ambitions more than by their thirst for justice, and Victoria Neuman is no exception. In season 2, the politician presents herself as the last bastion of human rights against the omnipotence of Vought and its megalomaniac superheroes. She also succeeds in rallying Hughie to her cause, and leads him in his race for the White House.

The Boys
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In the meantime, we understand that the one who fights against superheroes is one herself. Capable of making her enemies' heads explode, Victoria Neuman embarks on a dangerous political game, making a pact with Homelander, and endorsing the development of a potentially fatal virus for people of her species in order to increase his popularity rating among voters.

Butcher is not in top form

Since season 1, we have known that there is nothing natural about superheroes. Contrary to the fictional story that Vought has been serving for years, the company actually selects human babies from birth (with the approval of their parents, for generous financial compensation), and injects them with Compound Vcapable of developing their supernatural abilities.

The Boys Season 4 Announcement
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In season 3, Butcher manages to get his hands on experimental Compound V, and gives himself super-powerful, but temporary, powers. Enough to give him the confrontation he has always dreamed of against Homelander, during a family reunion as epic as it is bloody. Except that taking this adulterated Compound V is also accompanied by some side effects. Butcher's days are now numbered, and the anti-hero has made it his mission to snatch Ryan from the clutches of his enemy before passing the weapon to the left. It is not won.

Ryan will have to make a choice

At the end of season 1, we learn that Butcher's wife — who was thought to be dead after being raped by Homelander — is in fact alive and well. Becca did not end her life, and gave birth to Ryan, son of the Protector, and the first superhero of his species to naturally possess powers. After the death of his mother, Butcher aspires for a time to take the young boy under his wing. But true to himself, he finally decides to abandon itand breaks his stepson's heart.

The Boys Ryan
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It was enough for Homelander to step into the breach left vacant by his sworn enemy. Now under the control of Vought and his biological father, Ryan will have to make a choice, with all the consequences that this implies. And given the character's powers, a transition to the dark side may not help Butcher's affairs.

Starlight has become the public enemy at Vought

Entering the Seven through the front door, Stella quickly became disillusioned when she arrived at Vought. First a double agent on behalf of her boyfriend. The superheroine finally exposed the actions of Vought and Homelander after the events of Herogasm. She is now flying on her own two feet, and has already rallied supporters across America.

The Boys (1)
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Between Stella and Homelander, the media war is declared, pitting Vought's detractors on one side against the supporters of a conservative and slightly racist America. It remains to be seen how the political fight will end. Probably bad, we'll have to prepare for it.

What happened in Godolkin may not stay there

In Gen V, viewers discovered the existence of a dangerous virus, harmless to a human, but capable of killing superheroes in a matter of hours. It is to be expected that Marie Moreau's discoveries in the Forest will not remain secret for long. Victoria Neuman is involved, and Butcher seeks by all means to annihilate his sworn enemy. Still, the spread of this virus could have serious consequences on the plot, and endanger Stella and Ryan.

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