The Boys season 4: do you have to have seen Gen V to understand?

In a few days, fans of superheroes and trashy series will be able to discover season 4 of The Boys. Eric Kripke’s production will return for a new round of episodes, two years after the release of its last season. However, fans haven’t had a break since the series was released last year Gen V, introducing a new facet to the world of the saga. But many people were not tempted by this series without Homelander, Butcher and all the other regular characters. The question therefore remains: should you necessarily have seen Gen V to understand season 4 of The Boys?

Just like it was totally possible to watch Gen V without having seen The Boysit is also possible to do the opposite. Gen V is a spin-off, that is to say a production derived from the original saga. We can confirm today that not having seen the series in no way hinders the viewing of The Boys since Gen V has almost all new characters (with the exception of Ashley and Victoria Neuman), and a story that does not interfere with that of Butcher, Hughie and their merry sidekicks.

The action nevertheless takes place in the same universeand so to speak at the same time. Gen V takes place just after the events of season 3 of The Boysand season 4 is located right after Gen V. For the moment, no character Gen V was not announced to the casting of The Boys season 4. However, it is completely possible that the two worlds meet again. From what we could see, The Boys could take up some of the topics covered in the spin-off. So here are the three main points to remember if you haven’t seen Gen V (and you don’t want to).

The forest

Gen V saw its plot take place in Godolkin University, the top school for training all superheroes (at least, the selected ones). If two paths were offered to students – either the art of performing and entertainment, or the protection of humanity – it turns out that a third, less glorious path was possible. In fact, the university was hiding a huge subterfuge: a secret laboratory, in which young superheroes were locked.

Named the forest, this place was intended to carry out experiments on people carrying compound V. Ultimately, the objective is to find an effective way to neutralize them because they are secretly seen as a threat by the head of the university, and by extension Vaught. The forest is therefore essential to understanding the double game of the company which, in public, sanctifies its heroes, but which is so afraid of them that it plans to get rid of them if necessary.

Gen V The Boys (1)
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The virus that kills the Supes

The forest therefore gave rise to various experiments, using daily torture and exponential intensity. The pivot point of the series Gen V East the discovery of a virus which is precisely capable of considerably weakening the effects of compound V. This attaches to the desired cells and spreads like wildfire throughout the guinea pig’s body. And with a little effort – namely doses of horse – it’s even possible to kill a superhero.

So the bureaucrats got what they wanted, and this virus is now a worrying threat over the heads of the Seven, who obviously know nothing about it. Butcher, on the other hand, is in a different situation. He makes an appearance at the very end of the series and learns of this information… which he will surely use to his advantage in season 4 of The Boys.

Two new “bad guys”

Finally, Gen V ends in apotheosis with a fight worthy of the greatest action scenes of the main series. Finally, two characters initially in the antagonistic camp rise up against the others and ransack the campus. Unfortunately, this is not what the story ends up being after a remix by Vought and they are set up as the saviors, while the real heroes are locked away. This is Marie Moreau and her gang who should prove to be very useful in the course of events.

Gen V The Boys (2)
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Still, after this scene, Cate and Sam are the two new hostile Supes of the universe of The Boys and it is possible that they will make an appearance in season 4 before we find them in Gen V season 2. They are not fundamentally evil and we do not yet know their motivations, but their instability and their exceptional powers (yes even for Supes) make them extremely dangerous.

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