Rebel Moon: the director's cut is coming, is it the right one this time?

Rebel Moon was not a big success on Netflix. The sci-fi epic had the ambition to collide with Star Wars, Snyder's idea dating back to the time when he pitched storylines to explore the galaxy far, far away. If this collaboration never took place, the director of Watchmen And 300 never gave up on this universe and turned to Netflix to bring it to life. Army of the Dead brought together many spectators, Snyder is thus among the artists that the pampered red N. Rebel Moon thus took advantage of a daunting promotional campaign, as well as a period favorable to major entertainment, to deliver its first part. The fact remains that word of mouth has not been in his favor, The Child of Fire found himself under the fire of harsh criticism. Its sequel was not more appreciated, its launch was even lower than that of the first part. By its fourth week, the film had disappeared from the ranking of the most viewed English-language productions, even though its budget should have allowed it to be invited to the historic top.

But Zack Snyder has not said his last word, he hopes to offer his heroine a new chance to seduce. It is through a Director's Cut, a term that he has almost brought into common parlance, that the filmmaker hopes to restore his universe to its former glory. As a reminder, he had already used this process to Justice League at Warner Bros and DC. While some directors have sequences imposed on them by producers, these Director's Cuts must allow directors to deliver their work as they imagined it. Zack Snyder has just announced the release of this project, in two parts, and particularly massive. The appointment is made for August 2 next. The two films change names for the occasion, and offer new images.

Not even afraid…

Zack Snyder's Justice League was only an appetizer… The four-hour film had nevertheless discouraged many spectators, despite the media hype which preceded its release. The two parts of Rebel Moon far surpass this record length for a superhero film. Rebel Moon: Chalice of Blood And Curse of Forgiveness each have more than three hours on the clock. In total, this final version will have no less than six hours of space exploration. It promises to be more violent and exhaustive.

We will probably have to wait a little longer to get a real trailer. Until then, Zack Snyder should roam film sets and shows to promote this project which could make see Rebel Moon in a new light. And if this new version is not enough to convince reluctant spectators, Snyder can always console himself with the prospect of being only at the beginning of a long collaboration with the red N.

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