Preview Supervive: we tested the strange fusion between LoL, Overwatch and Apex Legends

Are you ready to discover a new genre of competitive gaming? Presented last year under the name Project Loki, the first game from studio Theorycraft Games – founded by veterans of Riot Games, Bungie and Blizzard – is finally ready to introduce itself to players around the world. Now named Supervivethis atypical title will launch its first public playtest from June 27 to July 4. Registrations are already open, but is this video game experience right for you? We were able to participate in an anticipated test session in order to be able to present its specific features and help you make your choice.

Supervive is today described as a “Neo-apocalyptic sandbox battle-royale hero blending strategic, explosive shootouts with a new generation of storm chasers“. If this doesn't mean anything to you, don't panic. Behind these very narrow terms lies in reality a very effective concept which will not fail to arouse the curiosity of players passionate about competitive team games.

The best of all worlds

Faced with the success of MOBAs, hero shooters and battle royales, the developers at Theorycraft Games had the brilliant idea of ​​merging all these popular recipes to develop a new, ever more effective style of game. In Supervive, Players can enter the battle in groups of 2 (for a total of 20 teams) or 4 in order to emerge victorious from a battle on a vast open map. After choosing their character from a selection of “storm chasers” colorful, participants find themselves propelled onto the map using a system similar to that of Apex Legends. The goal is then to increase your power as quickly as possible.

To do this, monster camps and other objectives scattered across the map allow you to gain experience points and essential equipment for survival. This clever mix of mechanics borrowed from battle royale and MOBA works to perfection. The threat of a storm closing in ever more quickly quickly pushes participants to cross swords with their competitors. With a focus on mobility, Supervive offers many fallback options in order to be able to regroup or resuscitate allies. In this game, nothing is over until the entire squad has been eliminated.

Supervive Alphagameplay Ss Final 2
©Theorycraft Games

When it comes to in-game controls and overall physics, the sensations most closely resemble those provided by Battlerite. Moving via the ZQSD keys on the keyboard and aiming with the mouse offer a perfectly balanced experience between shooters and classic MOBA. Despite this unexpected fusion of complex gameplays, Supervive turns out to be very easily accessible.

Easy to learn, hard to master?

Our short test session organized over the course of an evening did not allow us to delve into in-depth learning of the game mechanics. Jumping headfirst into a title with many nuances is not reassuring, but Supervive was very pleasant to understand. After a quick reading of the skills of the selected hunter, the game progresses quite naturally and requires little thought. You just have to try to survive at all costs against the onslaught of monsters and player characters.

Supervive Alphagameplay Ss Final 1
© Theorycraft Games

Air travel using the glider is satisfying and encourages you to explore every nook and cranny of the map. However, it is important to pay attention to endurance in order to avoid a possible fatal fall. Concretely, Supervive has everything you need to be an effective multiplayer game, to be enjoyed alone or with friends. However, many subtleties applied to hero skills and events on the map promise the establishment of advanced strategies for a more effective competitive dimension.

If it is enough to rely on the automatic loot system and on skill spam to emerge victorious from the first games, the subtleties of gameplay that we were not able to discover will not fail to spice up the clashes between experienced players.

A title that leaves no room for inequalities

Theorycraft presents Supervise as a completely free-to-play game with no pay-to-win. The studio claims that the title will still stick to its business model where cosmetics will be the only in-game purchases in order to place players on the same level. In the absence of an official launch date, intrigued gamers can prepare for ane test session scheduled from June 27 to July 4. A Twitch Drops system for game spectators will increase the chances of obtaining an access key following registration for the playtest.

Supervive Alphagameplay Ss Final 6
© Theorycraft Games

Otherwise, the studio gives us an appointment to an open beta planned for the end of 2024. Will the talent of developers from Riot Games, Blizzard and Bungie be enough to make Supervive a real success? For now, the title looks promising and should have no trouble building its own community. It remains to be seen whether the novelty effect will succeed in motivating players over time.

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