Paddington 3: heading to Peru with the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel

Studio Canal and Columbia Pictures have their new family film not to be missed. Seven years after Paddington's last appearance on the big screen, the adorable little bear is finally back for a new adventure under the direction of a new director. Although fans will be pleased to learn that Paul King is remaining behind the project to write this new story, directing the film is now the responsibility of Dougal Wilson. Against all odds, Paddington in Peru turns out to be the first feature film of the man, until then known for directing commercials and music videos.

In 2022, when his name was revealed at the head of the third PaddingtonWilson declared to Variety be “a big fan of the first two films” and that he hoped “bringing to life a production that honors the love that so many people have for this special little bear.” The first trailer for the project has just been released, and it seems that Dougal Wilson was able to answer the call as he should. Still just as clumsy but still just as cute, Paddington is about to experience an epic of an even more surprising magnitude than his previous adventures.

A trip to Peru with the whole family

Now inseparable from the London family who welcomed him when he was in need, Paddington takes all the Browns on a special expedition to Peru. Determined to retrace the steps of his ancestors (and his childhood), the little protagonist sets off to the other side of the world to a region to which he is no longer accustomed. Venturing into the jungle promises to be quite a challenge after having been accustomed to an easy English way of life.

Fortunately, Paddington will be able to count on new faces to accompany him on his journey. Firstly, long-time fans will have noticed that the role of Mary Brown went to Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) who therefore takes up the character after Sally Hawkins. The actress did not explain the reasons behind her departure. This third part of the saga still has a casting that is prestigious to say the least, with Olivia Coleman and Antonio Banderas in two new roles.

However, if there is one thing that the previous films have taught us: it is that we must be wary of appearances. Could there be an antagonist hiding among the characters presented in the trailer? Unfortunately, we will have to wait before knowing for certain. Paddington in Peru will debut in French theaters on February 5, 2025, four months after its initial release across the Channel. It is strange to see Studio Canal delay the launch of one of its productions in France so much, but it is so.

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