Molicycle R1 Review: An Honest Urban Electric Bike

We tested the Molicycle R1 in detail to bring you a complete analysis of its features, performance, and comfort. Here’s our verdict.

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Design and Ergonomics

The Molicycle R1 stands out for its modern and elegant design, which could easily be mistaken for a higher-end bike. The 6061 aluminum alloy frame, quite robust, seems to ensure good durability. We thus end up with a 25.7kg bike, a little heavy for an urban bike, but with a low-entry frame, always appreciated by city cyclists.

The bike is equipped with thin 26 x 1.75 inch tires, designed to provide good grip on various urban surfaces. They will also be sufficient for small paths, but unfortunately will not do the job for big forest/mountain tracks.

Also of note is the usefulness of the integrated luggage rack, a practical addition for cyclists who need to carry light loads, making this bike even more functional for everyday use, for home/work trips.

Engine, Battery and Autonomy

The Molicycle R1 is equipped with a 250 W motor, capable of producing a maximum torque of 42 N.M. You can therefore easily reach the maximum speed of 25 km/h, in accordance with the regulations. For speed enthusiasts, it can be unbridled to reach 32 km/h on private roads. And as a little bonus, the bike is also equipped with an acceleration trigger that you can choose to install or not. Because of course, remember that this is not allowed on the road.

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The 36V, 14.5Ah (522Wh) battery is good value for money for a bike in this range. It offers a maximum range of 110km in the lowest assistance mode, and between 50 and 60km using maximum assistance continuously.
As for the charging time, we are at 5 to 6 hours, which is within the norm for this type of battery, although it is slightly longer than some high-end models.

It is invisibly integrated into the frame, which not only adds to the aesthetics of the bike, but also makes it easy to remove, allowing it to be recharged safely at home and preventing theft (a key system still locks the battery). It should also be noted that the weight of the battery is well distributed, so we have a bike that maintains a very good balance.

On the other hand, there is a negative point when the battery is removed. The connectors are exposed facing upwards and can therefore be damaged in the event of rain. During our test, knowing that we were parking the bike in a courtyard (and that we are in Paris), we had to abandon the idea of ​​recharging the battery several times under penalty of damaging the connectors because of the rain. A rather annoying problem and therefore a variable to take into account for users who do not have a room/bike parking.

Driving & Comfort

In terms of performance, the Molicycle R1 lives up to expectations. The 250 W motor offers responsive electric assistance, although acceleration can be a little abrupt at start-up, making the bike sometimes difficult to handle for less experienced cyclists. Likewise for each gear then, as soon as we go below a certain mileage, the motor takes over to give us some momentum, a momentum that is not necessarily gentle compared to other more high-end models.
There are therefore several levels of assistance (1 to 5), which allows you to modulate the pedaling effort according to your needs and preferences.

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For those who prefer a fully electric mode, the Molicycle R1 therefore offers an option with the trigger that you can install if you wish (remember that this is only legal on private roads and not on the road). And for the more sporty of course, classic pedaling remains of course possible with the 7 classic bicycle speeds. This offers additional flexibility to adapt the driving mode according to the road conditions and the distance to be covered.

The front suspension is equipped with a lockable shock absorber, allowing the stiffness to be adjusted according to the riding conditions. While this suspension is sufficient for urban rides, it could be improved for longer and more demanding short rides. The SR® SELLE ROYAL silicone saddle, while comfortable for urban use, also lacks springs, which can be felt on steep trails.

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The general ergonomics of the bike, on the other hand, allow for a comfortable riding position, which is essential for fairly long journeys. Finally, the ease of adjustment of the handlebars and saddle allows each cyclist to find the most optimal position for their body shape.

Safety and Equipment

Safety is a crucial aspect of any e-bike, and the Molicycle R1 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Front and rear Logan® hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power, allowing for quick and safe stops. The stop-and-go brake levers also add an extra layer, ensuring the bike stops immediately when needed.

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It has front and rear lights, ensuring good visibility in low light conditions and at night. The ergonomic frame allows for a comfortable riding posture, essential for long journeys. Every element of the bike, including the handlebars and saddle, can be adjusted to provide the most optimal riding position according to one's height and preferences.

The 3.5-inch LCD display mounted in the center of the handlebar makes it easy to see all the necessary information, such as speed, distance traveled and battery level. However, the display looks a little outdated and we would like to see it get an update to offer a more modern aesthetic and additional features.

Molicycle R5
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Assembly and Maintenance

The assembly of the Molicycle R1 is very easy, which allows to make it operational quickly. There is a clear and concise instruction manual, which easily guides us through the assembly steps. Once assembled, the bike requires technically little maintenance, except for the hydraulic brakes to ensure their efficiency (but this is standard for this type of braking system).

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