Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL Tactile Review, Mechanical Silence

While other areas are very effervescent at the beginning of this summer, this is also the case on the side of Logitech and more particularly of its gaming division where the reputation is well established, especially with the general public. Also, Logitech is taking advantage of the start of summer to announce its new wireless gaming keyboard that is mechanical and yet silent. Here is the new Logitech G515 LightSpeed ​​TKL and we have been testing it for a good ten days.

The first thing to remember is that the Logitech G515 LightSpeed ​​TKL is a keyboard called ” low profile » . This allows the keyboard to continue to be mechanical while offering a more sober and refined design since the keyboard itself is less high. Moreover, this is one of the things that we notice as soon as we take it in hand, it is this elegant design with an anthracite bar at the top of the keyboard. On this bar, we find the button to turn the keyboard on or off and especially the buttons to switch between Bluetooth, Logitech's in-house LigthSpeed ​​wireless or wired mode.

Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL
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“With the iconic G915, Logitech G created a unique low-profile keyboard known for its exceptional quality, cutting-edge performance and premium design. With G515, we’ve pushed the boundaries even further,” said Arnaud Perret-Gentil, Head of PC Gaming at Logitech G. “With G515, we’ve expanded the low-profile aesthetic and included our latest technology innovations, such as LightSpeed, LightSync and KeyControl, to provide gamers with a fast, feature-rich gaming experience.”

On the technical side, the Logitech G515 offers in its guts a layer of soundproofing foam that greatly reduces noise when typing, which we have seen. Because it remains a low profile keyboard, the height is only 22mm, which allows the G515 to remain a relatively thin keyboard, especially compared to purely mechanical keyboards. For those who know Logitech products, the size reminded us of the MX Mechanical Mini.

Logitech G515 Lightspeed TKL
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As for the typing itself, the switches offer a travel distance of only 3.2mm, which corresponds to the fact that it is a low profile keyboard. There is obviously a habit to take but after a few hours, we get back into our habits for the time being, we did not notice any particular problems, the typing is really much quieter than a mechanical keyboard. In game, we did not notice any particular problems. We mainly tested the keyboard to type text and on games like Call of Duty or OverWatch 2. RAS. As for the autonomy, Logitech promises 36 hours in a row, which we were not able to verify but in our uses during the tests, we did not often go through the recharge box.

Of course, G Hub is there as always and it is via the application that we will be able to exploit the new KeyControl technology which allows, basically, to customize each key on the keyboard to perform up to 15 different actions. Everything will therefore depend on the user's needs. For our part, we did not venture there too much because it is not in our habits. What is remarkable, however, is the number of possibilities offered by Logitech and its G Hub, we can really customize everything and it is impressive.


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