Largo Winch 3 has everything of a French American blockbuster

This summer, French cinema has a high-level production in store for us. Thirteen years after the last adaptation of the adventures of Largo Winch on the big screen, the heir to the W group financial empire is making his return to the cinema. This third film entitled The Price of Money will enter theaters on July 31 and for a grandiose spectacle that will have nothing to envy of American cinema. At least that's the promise made to us by the latest trailer for the feature film, loaded with adrenaline and other action scenes directed to the millimeter.

This new adventure will obviously mark the return of Tomer Sisley in the eponymous role of Largo Winch. Following the kidnapping of his son Noom, the businessman has no choice but to embark on a hunt across the globe in order to put an end to this ruthless plot against the W group. with nothing left to lose, Winch will travel from the Canadian forests to Bangkok via Burma to try to save the only thing that is dear to him. This apparently classic synopsis could nevertheless stand out for its achievement well beyond the French standards of the genre.

A film that ticks all the blockbuster boxes

Even before surprising us with its striking visuals, this new opus of the saga Long Winch hits with his poster that Tomer Sisley shares with James Franco. By inviting a renowned American actor to the casting, this French production is not only assuming its blockbuster dimension but hopes to strengthen it. With such a face to bring his antagonist to life, The Price of Money offers something to get closer to a Impossible mission rather than a French-speaking nanar.

This comparison also holds true because of the effort Sisley puts into bringing the stunts to life. Just like the famous Tom Cruise, the Franco-Israeli actor takes part in all of his action scenes, not without some after-effects. In August 2023, FranceInfo revealed the performer's filming prowess, despite a dislocated shoulder, torn ligaments or even a cracked forearm and foot in the past.

This actor's passion for risk certainly contributes to the realism and strength of the scenes already presented in the trailer. These extracts hit the mark and do not fail to arouse our curiosity for this French blockbuster signed Pan Cinéma, TF1 Films Production and RTBF. The verdict will fall in a little over a month, when the feature film directed by Olivier Masset-Depasse begins its theatrical release on July 31.

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