HONOR 200 Pro: 5 reasons to fall for the new king of photography

If you want to change your smartphone, HONOR has just presented its new premium smartphone. The HONOR 200 Pro is the manufacturer's new rare gem, and we can say that it has more than one trick up its sleeve. Nicknamed the “Portrait Master”, the HONOR 200 Pro is undoubtedly a complete smartphone that has everything to dazzle you. Even the most demanding users should be won over.

Just presented, the HONOR 200 Pro is already entitled to a multitude of exceptional offers and gifts. It's time to go for the best photophone on the market before the end of the pre-order period for this gem. We give you 5 reasons to urgently grab the new HONOR 200 Pro before it's too late.

1/ Its advanced triple camera with Harcourt Portrait mode

The real strength of the all-new HONOR 200 Pro lies in its advanced triple camera. There is reason to be impressed. If you have an interest in photography, you will love the HONOR 200 Pro. It has a splendid advanced camera to take photos more beautiful, sparkling and detailed than ever. With his 50-megapixel Super Dynamic H9000 sensor (f/1.9, OIS), Sony 50-megapixel portrait telephoto sensor (f/2.4, OIS) and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and macro sensor (f/2.2), HONOR 200 Pro is the king of photography. It should even satisfy the most demanding users.

With its Harcourt Portrait mode, which required two years of work with the expert portrait studio, the HONOR 200 Pro is designed to enhance your loved ones. With this exclusive partnership with the portrait expert par excellence for nearly 90 years, having immortalized the greatest French celebrities, your photos will never look so beautiful. Harcourt Portrait mode can count on artificial intelligence for even more breathtaking results, getting as close as possible to photo studio quality. The portraits captured by the HONOR 200 Pro are of phenomenal quality.

Honor 200 Pro Harcourt
© Honor 200 Pro Harcourt

Thanks to artificial intelligence and its advanced technology, the HONOR 200 Pro displays improved textures, sharper and more detailed, professional bokeh to enhance the subject, better rendering of visuals and colors in Night mode, superpositions of details more realistic as well as improved focus to capture movements more quickly. If you like taking photos of yourself, the HONOR 200 Pro is just as good thanks to its front camera, 50-megapixel sensor (f/2.1) and improved color temperature management. Enough to sublimate your loved ones!

2/ Its latest generation processor

Because power matters to many users, the HONOR 200 Pro is based on the best processor currently: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. Thanks to it, the HONOR 200 Pro is able to perform all tasks with ease and fluidity. Resource-intensive applications like multitasking are just a formality for this new smartphone. To enhance its performance, the HONOR 200 Pro benefits from the HONOR C1 chip.

With such features, the HONOR 200 Pro is ideal for online gaming, streaming, or using resource-intensive applications. You will be able to use your HONOR 200 Pro as you wish without limiting yourself.

3/ Its elegant design

The HONOR 200 Pro sports an extremely neat design. Weighing only 199 grams and displaying remarkable finesse, this smartphone is absolutely beautiful. It fits extremely easily into any pocket or bag. With its curved chassis, the HONOR 200 Pro should appeal to lovers of elegance. Its 6.78-inch diagonal screen and its design ensure a comfortable grip.

You have the choice between 3 resplendent colors: Black, Moonlight White and, exclusively on the official HONOR website, Ocean Cyan. Something to brighten up your days! Finally, its IP54 certification makes it an elegant but also robust and reliable companion.

4/ Its completely immersive screen

The HONOR 200 Pro's screen is particularly impressive. With its 6.78-inch diagonal and curved edgesthe HONOR 200 Pro allows you to fully and intensely experience your viewing sessions.

Its refresh rate of 120 Hz as well as its peak brightness of 4000 nits offer you a visual experience worthy of the name. To watch your favorite films and series in the best conditions, you can trust the remarkable HONOR 200 Pro.

5/ Its unmissable launch offer

Despite its premium features, the HONOR 200 Pro manages to offer a unbeatable value for money with an introductory price of only 799.90 euros. Enough to make elitist portraits accessible to as many people as possible. But throughout the pre-order period, you will be able to make real savings on the final price of your new companion! Indeed, the HONOR 200 Pro benefits from new launch offers. Hurry up and enjoy it!

Until June 25, 2024, you have even more reasons to succumb to the HONOR 200 Pro. Thanks to an immediate discount of 100 euros, it collapses to 699.90 euros for a few days. But HONOR is particularly generous to celebrate the arrival of the HONOR 200 Pro on the market. Right now, you are entitled to the Marshall Major IV Bluetooth Black headset worth 149 euros and the HONOR Watch GS3 connected watch worth 229 euros. These are two beautiful gifts that are always a pleasure.

If you wish, HONOR takes back your current smartphone and reveals a trade-in offer of up to 80 euros. A proposal which allows the final price of the brand new HONOR 200 Pro to drop a little further. It's now or never !

But there are not only tempting offers at HONOR. Indeed, Orange is also offering a highly relevant pre-order offer for just a few more days.

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