Getting started with the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2nd Gen scooter: more power, less expense

The Xiaomi M365 Pro was recognized for its robustness and impressive autonomy, making it a benchmark on the market. Then it was more powerful than the usual models.

Then the crisis, COVID-19, the need to travel differently and a niche market that had become juicy motivated the competition to come and take a piece of a pie that was still barely started. Xiaomi's “Pro” was no longer the benchmark. The previous model was even too expensive for what it offered. Add to that a drop in the average basket awarded to the scooter. Enough to motivate the Chinese manufacturer to react. And in a very good way since the figures hurt: 1000W, 30km of real autonomy, 549 euros.


But life is not just a succession of numbers, here is what it is worth on the ground.

main Features

The handlebars of this new version are wider (57 cm) and include indicators at the end of the handles, offering better maneuverability and visibility.


Braking is provided by a front drum brake and magnetic brake at the rear, guaranteeing controlled deceleration. The locking system has been improved with a lighter plastic lever, making handling easier and safer.

Tires are difficult to puncture. This was the weak point of the first scooters.

The 10-inch tubeless tires absorb vibrations, although the lack of suspension is felt on uneven terrain.

The motor now reaches 1000W peak and copes with almost all climbs, even over a long distance.

The motor, with a peak power of 1000 Watts, and a slightly improved autonomy of 468 Wh and 48V, offers constant performance even on steep slopes. However, the screen remains unreadable, although the throttle trigger is better calibrated, improving the driving experience.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2ng Gen55
The folding system is easier, but maintains double security.

Design: simple, basic, but rigid

The design of the scooter remains unchanged, with the exception of the wider handlebars which are not foldable, making transport more complicated. The handlebar height is 125cm and the deck is 16cm from the ground, ensuring a comfortable riding position for most users. The taillight is integrated into the mudguard, and the kickstand, although small, is rigid. The turn signal buttons are easily accessible.

Folded, the scooter is bulky, and the charging cover is of average quality. To see how it will last over time. The design remains a tad less qualitative than previously. In the meantime, Xiaomi has replaced Ninebot with Navee to design its scooters.

Finally, let's talk a little about weight and volume. 18 kg is not an easy task for climbing stairs. But it is mainly the size that is the problem. The handlebars are too wide and impossible to fold or pivot. Result: even folded, the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2e Gen is very cumbersome. Forget public transportation and intermodal.

Ride and handling: stiff but precise

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2nd Gen is easy to handle if not comfortable. The 10-inch tubeless tires (i.e. tubeless, therefore less inflated, therefore softer) struggle to compensate for the lack of suspension.

Img 3799
The Scooter 4 Pro 2nd gen is capable of riding through puddles and rain.

The center of gravity is quite low. The power of 1000W peak (450W nominal) is generous. The throttle trigger is precise. This combo offers remarkable maneuverability, even at very low speed. Enough to accompany the people who will walk alongside you without risking overtaking them.

The screen is unreadable in direct sunlight and the exact battery life is not displayed.

However, with the bottom of the deck only 8 cm from the ground, it is difficult to pass curbs, although Xiaomi advises against these maneuvers.

Image 3204
To overcome this kind of height, you have to gain momentum and jump. A little stiff without suspension, but the scooter remains super stable when dropped.

The lack of suspension and vibration feedback still make roads with holes and potholes dangerous. You will have to remain vigilant and wear a helmet, as a fall can quickly happen.

Acceleration, power and braking

With a peak power of 1000W and above all a 48V battery, you will be able to go high without dropping in speed. But be careful on the descent as the people say, because on the brake side, it's too light. In fact, you have to make do with a drum at the front and regenerative braking at the engine level. The latter is almost non-existent when the battery is fully charged and above all, even at maximum intensity (there are three levels), is not pronounced enough.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2nd Gen 1
Power is good!

In our tests, the stopping distance was 4.30 meters at 25 km/h, which can be a problem in an emergency situation, although the legal speed of 25 km/h reduces the intensity of the shock.

Autonomy and recharging: it’s long and it’s very long

Actual range is 30 km in Sport mode with a 100 kg rider, which is respectable, but far from the 60 km announced by Xiaomi. The 48V battery allows you to drive at 25 km/h down to 0% battery. Moreover, even at 0% it is possible to continue driving for approximately 1 km around 15 km/h.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2ng Gen64

Fully charging takes approximately five hours. Enough to fully recharge during the working day and double the travel radius (from 30 km return, you go to 60 km return).

Application and connectivity: meh

The app is required to start the scooter and is useful for locking the motor and displaying basic information.

But we are in basic from basic. It's missing a lot of features compared to competitors like Ninebot: a digital counter or Apple's Find My. Because the display integrated into the scooter is unreadable in direct sunlight. A problem that is starting to last.

The Scooter 4 Pro 2e Gen can be locked via the app. The volume of the alarm is too low to be truly dissuasive. After 24 hours, it turns off and the alarm system disconnects. But while the lock is active, the motor is blocked. Convenient for going to the bakery or shopping.

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