Game of Thrones has already spoiled the ending of House of the Dragon

Very often, when we tackle a literary work to adapt it for cinema or series, we expect that spoilers will flourish on the Internet, especially if the adaptation remains faithful to the source material. With Game Of Thrones, spectators had a respite from season 5 since George RR Martin had not yet finished writing his saga. The scenario of House of the Dragon is on the other hand much more documented and explicit in the author's writings.

So just don't read the books so you don't reveal anything, you must think. But if you've already watched Game Of Thrones in full, you've already been spoiled. Indeed, we speak quite well of the way that House of the Dragon to anticipate or explain events that occurred later, in the plot of Game Of Thrones. But viewers, who have not seen the parent series on television since 2019, may have forgotten that Game Of Thrones also made references to the adventures described in House of the Dragon, sometimes spoiling upcoming events in season 2 and more.

The Dance of Dragons

From the start of season 1 of Game Of Thronesthe series makes references to the characters, places and moments of House of the Dragon. This is not surprising, since the new HBO series is a prequel, which takes place 170 years before the main series. Daenerys learns about her ancestors, the disappearance of dragons, and there are numerous references to the ancestry of the Iron Throne.

In season 5, episode 9, the series however directly mentions the Dance of Dragons. The name, which gave its name to the episode, actually concerns the war between Rhaenyra and Aegon II in House of the Dragon from the end of season 1. The event is triggered by the death of King Viserys, which leaves his first two children lacking royal recognition.

Game Of Thrones House Of The Dragon (1)

It is Shireen, the sick daughter of King Stannis, who speaks about it with Lord Davos. when he asks her about her book, she declares: “[C’est] the dance of dragons, the true story by the great Maester Munken. Ser Byron Swann wanted to kill the dragon Vhagar. He polished his shield for a week so that it looked like a mirror, he crouched down and moved forward, hiding behind it, he hoped that the dragon would only see his reflection. He burned it like a bundle of wood“.

We don't yet know who is Ser Byron Swann and what importance it will have during the series House of the Dragonbut we understand in any case thathe will be part of Rhaenyra Targaryen's camp since he tries to kill one of the dragons belonging to Aegon's camp. A little later in the episode, it is her father Stannis who visits her, before sacrificing her at the stake. She then explains in more detail:

This is the whole story of the fight between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her half-brother Aegon for control of the Seven Kingdoms. She, like him, at the time, claimed the throne. People began to side with one side or the other and the conflict split the kingdom in two. Brothers against brothers, dragons against dragons. When it was all over, thousands were dead. And it was a disaster for the Targaryens and their house. They never really recovered. […] I wouldn't have chosen either of them. It was because of choosing and taking sides that it was so horrible.

Rhaenyra's death

Game Of Thrones House Of The Dragon

The Dance of the Dragons will mark the beginning of the end for the Targaryens. If their collapse is no secret, they who are conspicuous by their absence at the start of the series Game Of Thrones, spectators are not supposed to know what fate is reserved for those who bring the house down. One of the most accurate spoilers of House of the Dragon is located in episode 4 of season 3. When King Joffrey Baratheon shows Margaery Tyrell around King's Landing Castle, the young man passes a hole in the ground, fenced in, which he describes as the place of death of one of the main characters of the prequel.

Rhaenyra Targaryen was put to death here by her brother, or rather by his brother's dragon. He devoured it, before the eyes of his own son. What's left of her is kept in the crypt below.”

The daughter of Viserys, who would normally inherit the throne as agreed with her father, will therefore indeed have the bad role at the end of the story, but will experience a particularly tragic end. The spectators prepare themselves, the scene promises to be shocking and moving.

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