DC has a new adaptation of Watchmen

DC is preparing to overhaul its cinematic universe, but is continuing its explorations in animation. Waiting Superman by James Gunn, the studio intends to tell (once again) the adventures of Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. The graphic novel, already adapted by Snyder and the origin of the HBO series, this time offers a two-part event under the leadership of Warner Bros. Animation, Paramount Pictures and DC.

On X, the company formalizes the upcoming release of these two films. No dark rooms for the story which will benefit – like all the other animated adaptations of the firm – from being made available on VoD. As a reminder, the project was formalized in 2023 at the San Diego Comic Con. Little information was then shared, DC preferring to cultivate mystery. The first images revealed this Thursday, June 13, are not much more telling. It will involve recounting the events already described on paper, as Zack Snyder did in 2009.

Heroes are punished…

In an alternate America of 1985, World War III threatens to break out and retired superheroes are disappearing. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the vigilante Rorschach sets out to find the person responsible. He quickly discovers that a vast plot attempts to discredit his peers and allies with old acquaintances to protect humanity. The teaser also opens with this death before deploying some key elements of the plot. Rorschach remains the anchor of this adaptation, which promises to be faithful to the work on which it is inspired.

DC Animation also seems to want to reinvent as much as pay homage to the aesthetic of comics. The studio is therefore banking on 3D to bring his new project to fruition. Although it is still too early to judge the success of this experiment, we must admit that a little disappointment is felt. So see you later this year for the first part. The second part will be offered in 2025, still in VoD. The imminent release of Chapter 1 should launch hostilities for the promotional campaign, and therefore allow future spectators to get a better idea of ​​the project.

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