Borderlands: what does the first scene from the film reveal to us?

This weekend, video game fans were delighted to attend many presentations, revealing the games we are expecting by the end of the year and more. Lionsgate took advantage of this visibility to share with us the first scene of the film Borderlands, adapted from the eponymous Gearbox franchise. As one might expect, the result is explosive and completely crazy.

As expected, the reactions were not unanimous. If some players want to believe in this project, it is clear that it does not find its way into everyone's hearts. This first clip, which shows us a sequence from start to finish, taken from the “final” product, is not there to contradict them. We find the essence of the game, but the actors' work of interpretation leaves enough room for the film to convey its own atmosphere.

Humor above all

Obviously, humor is at the heart of each work Borderlands. It is therefore normal to find a good dose of it in the feature film directed by Eli Roth. On this point the film does its best to stick to the atmosphere of the games, with more or less success. The little robot Claptrap, voiced by the excellent Jack Black, is prey to an attack of diarrhea (he poops ammunition) when the heroes are attacked by surprise. What follows is a visually rather successful action scene, which sets the tone.

Players are already criticizing the film to make lace. The video game titles are not particularly graphic, due to their artistic direction borrowed from cartoons and comics, but they display greater violence and a little more fantasy. In this clip, the scene is gray, and the confrontations are rather classic. However, we must remember that this is only a one-minute sequence on a production that will surely last nearly two hours.

Soon in theaters

The film Borderlands will be out August 7, 2024, we won't have to wait very long before being sure about the quality of the adaptation. It must be admitted that although the majority of proposals have been in their redemption phase for several years, not all of them are worth it. The decision to opt for a live action film rather than animation is a risk that Lionsgate wanted to take, and which can bear fruit provided it is extremely well done. Cate Blanchett (Lilith), Kevin Hart (Roland), Ariana Greenblatt (Tiny Tina) and their gang manage to convince us for the moment in their respective roles. But for how long ?

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